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Nancy Marisa Arlt

The aspiring artist. Striking. Engrossing. Radical. NMA.
Her form of expression: A sophisticated emotional-universal language of pictures: Challenging. Intellectual. Profound.

The adventurer. Struggle, hunt, utter loss of control.
Her art is unpredictable. NMA provokes herself. Is allegedly negligent in her painting. Through infinite devotion NMA creates an extraordinarily profound soul landscape. Explores new territory.

Brave, audacious, free. The visionary.


hinter der Oberfläche des Sichtbaren
zum Absoluten, zum Reinen, zum Empfinden

art by nma.




Nancy Marisa Arlt [NMA] , A R T I S T

1978 Berlin, 1998 – 2004 University of the Arts Berlin

NMA is a Berlin-based artist emerging onto the German art scene in 2004 following her graduation from the University of Arts in Berlin (UdK).
She was raised in a city, divided by a wall and having experienced both sides before and after the fall of the Berlin wall,  her art is heavily influenced by the city‘s new-found sense of freedom, a spirit of unlimited possibilities and a feeling of former restrictions rupturing, leading to limitlessness.

The artist is primarily a painter using mixed media to create a battlefield of colors and techniques that are used to compliment each other and work together as a well rounded unit, but at the same time are meant to clash and exude struggle. In addition, she uses her formal training in photography to show parallels to her other works as a tool to convey an expansion of space and the changing of perspectives.

REVIEW – excerpt:

[highlight color=’#000000′ background_color=’#4cf576′]//Artist residency[/highlight], Brittany [France 2017]

[highlight color=’#000000′ background_color=’#4cf576′]//“Acrylic Melody“[/highlight], group exhibition [Brussels 2016]

[highlight color=’#000000′ background_color=’#4cf576′]//New York „feeding Apophenia“[/highlight] – 2 solo exhibitions  [Brooklyn, NYC 2015]

[highlight color=’#000000′ background_color=’#4cf576′]// Art project to Wagner’s Bicentennial [/highlight]
Solo exhibition: ‚Arithmetic of Sound – Symmetry of Light‘ [Station Berlin 2013]
Richard Wagner – Life & Work:

4 years of intensive studies – 14 congenial paintings to Richard Wagner‘s operas

[highlight color=’#000000′ background_color=’#4cf576′]// Gallery ‚Total Artspace'[/highlight]: „urban absorption – analogies“
in cooperation with Jazz musicians [Berlin 2007]

[highlight color=’#000000′ background_color=’#4cf576′]// Große National-Mutterloge [/highlight] –  a traditional lodge in Germany:
solo exhibition – series ‘Art in Context‘ [Berlin 2007]

Solo exhibition – series ‘Art in Context‘:
[highlight color=’#000000′ background_color=’#4cf576′]//’Alte Schultheiss Brauerei'[/highlight]– a listed, historic brewery:
concept and art work – ‚Industry and Art‘ [Berlin 2007]


währenddessen [meanwhile]

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NMA – Künstlerin


art by nma


Nancy Marisa Arlt

1978 Berlin/Germany
1998 – 2004 studies at the University of Arts Berlin (Universität der Künste)
2002 student exchange program (scholarship) USA – Chicago (UIC)
2004 graduation; visual communications
2004/5 DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) one year scholarship



„Zwischen Raum“ (the space in between): book project (246 pages), Dialogue between literature and fine arts (painting + photography)


(ongoing) art project to Wagner‘s bicentennial 2013 –  www.nma-art-wagner.com
Project „Urban restrictions“, project about restrictions in public – referring to formal aspects as well as in terms of content/message
Art in public: engagement for the project ‚skate-amoebe’, Südpool e.V.
Project „Glaube“ („belief“)


Exhibitions & Performances


art essenz – art fair berlin

open air gallery berlin


(may)  Solo exhibition „Kult“ at the „Salon Schneider“, Berlin

(jan.)  Group exhibition: „Acrylic Melody“, Brussels

(sep.) 2 Solo exhibitions: „feeding Apophenia“ 1. „lost“, 2. „found“
art venue: „finback brewery“ in New York City, USA
recomended by the German Consulates General in New York:
(march) Solo Exhibition at the apartment house „Cantianstraße“ – Nuria Santos Interior Design, Berlin

(nov.) exhibition (WAGNER) at the „RBB-Haus“ (Television), Berlin
(oct.) Solo exhibition at the „STATION-Berlin“: „In Search of Wagner’s Last Muse, Arithmetic of Sound – Symmetry of Light“ (art project to Wagner‘s bicentennial 2013)
(sep.) Solo exhibition „after_arty“ – art venue Check Point Charlie
(june) represented at the Art Festival in Malta (Charlotte Agius)
(feb.) Exhibition „Showdown“: Painting (NMA) and photography (Photogräphin): „behind the scenes – art at work“, art venue ,Malzfabrik‘, Berlin
(march) Performance (Impro) at the „Armory Show“, New York
(april) „Lange Nacht der Kellerei“ – District Foundation Berlin
(nov.) Solo exhibition „studio warming“, art venue ,Malzfabrik‘ Berlin
Performance „streu faktor“ – at the ,Berliner Liste‘ (art fair Berlin) – cooperation with Urte Beyer
(may) exclusive Preview project „RICHARD WAGNER“ – Berlin Grunewald (private residency), guest of honor (among others) Katharina Wagner
(sep.) Art Fair ,BAGL
(jan.) Solo exhibition „urban absorption – analogies“ – Gallery Total Artspace, BLN
(sep.) Solo exhibition, art venue: Große National-Mutterloge  – a traditional lodge in Germany
(june) Solo exhibition, art venue: „Alte Schultheiss Brauerei„– a listed, historic brewery
(feb.) Solo exhibition “copy copies copy” –  Gallery Blueprint, BLN
(dec.) Group exhibition (artist group): no.mi  – „Adventsshopping“ – art in context, Berlin
(nov.) Berlin Photography Festival; Reporting the Art Performance at the Biennale 05′ (Venedig)
(sep.) Exhibitionlocal art 2005“ (Berlin)
(Aug./Sep.) Performance: no.mi  squatted space and meaning of the Venice Art Biennale  ( ablution– feet, at the „Biennale“)
(August) Founding of  no.mi (artist group)
(Juni)  Group exhibition „heimLICH“, Gallery 02 – opening event Artists‘ House „KHF67“

„lili-Udk-Gestalterinnen-Preis“ (DESIGN AWARD): group exhibition
(aug.-sep.) Solo exhibition Kurfürstendamm 137 Berlin: „Art & Design Gallery – Restricted Area“



2017  Brittany, France – artist residency

2014  Buenos Aires, Argentinien
2012 New York, USA
2002 Chicago, USA